While Claire tries to rally support for ‘victim’ Tracy, Ken and Deirdre visit Tracy in prison. Deirdre’s racked with guilt about Tracy’s predicament and she resents Ken for stopping her from going round to Tracy and Charlie’s the day the killing happened. Deirdre is heartbroken by he sight of an emotional Tracy, but as soon as her parents leave, a cold and calculating Tracy easily composes herself.

The spark between Bill and Audrey hasn’t fizzled out despite Audrey’s Christmas humiliation at being confronted with Maureen. Audrey is thoughtful when Bill ponders where he’s going to live. Audrey suggests that the only solution is for him to move back in with her!

Also, Les is gutted when he realises that Chesney has moved in with Fiz, Sarah helps Jason with Holly and Carla continues to throw her weight around at the factory.