Moira really hasn’t had a lot to smile about for a long, long time… Farmer John was a farmer who could swallow endless cups of tea, but he couldn’t swallow his pride and admit that his plans for the farm were bigger than his budget. That was why he and Moira started butting heads and, fed up with the headaches, she let herself be distracted by Cain. John and Moira had only just started smiling together again when the car crash killed John – and their future. Now the kids are looking to Moira to deal with the business debts John racked up, but she’s got more bad news for them: she can’t. There’s no spare money and they’re going to have to sell up!

There’s bad business at the vicarage, too, and Rachel feels it when Ashley hires her as a cleaner. She senses all is not well between father and son, and she’s right as Ashley’s torment of Sandy continues. Ashley needs to study his sermons on tolerance and family love and put into practice what he preaches.

Declan’s feeling the family love when Megan agrees to be his Festival Manager. Yay for him! Except Katie’s not cheering…