The Bartons are in mourning

Adam, Hannah and Holly try to comfort each other as it becomes tragically clear that they’re not going to get the happy ending they wanted for their family. Declan, Katie and the emergency services did all they could to save farmer John and Moira, but it wasn’t enough and now their future is more bleak than it ever was. Instead of sharing happiness, they’re sharing grief as the villagers react to news of the awful accident.

Andy wants to share his grief with Debbie, but she’s not comfortable and doesn’t want him to want her. Debbie’s even less comfortable when Andy tells her he loves her and she tells him she doesn’t feel the same way. Uh-oh. Andy’s hurt and humiliated and that’s a dangerous combination… Diane’s having a go at Debbie for leading Andy on when Cameron walks in. He wants to know what’s going on and when Debbie won’t give him answers he goes to Andy – who tells him that he slept with Debbie!

Declan faces a difficult truth, too. To go ahead with his music festival he has to have an access road – which would run through the Barton family’s land. And now is not the best time to go looking for a favour.