The bay pays tribute to Dan

The community gathers for Dan’s memorial service at the Surf Club, where Amanda berates Jazz for her inappropriate choice of outfit before Dan’s family and friends pay a poignant tribute to Dan. Meanwhile, a group of students form their own mourning group on the beach to pay their respects to Dan.

Gavin from Coastal News arrives with Belle who is torn between work and supporting Drew. And, when she chooses work, Drew is annoyed. Aden leads the group in the beach memorial, talking about Dan’s values and honesty. The memorial is coming to an end when Bartlett arrives barking orders to the students to return to school.

Egged on by Aden, the students defy his orders and begin pelting him with sand, forcing him to retreat up the beach. But they’re unaware that Belle and Gavin are busy capturing the moment on camera.

Matilda and Ric have a quiet moment together in the gym where they end up happily confessing their love for each other. They passionately embrace each other back at Tony’s house but are dangerously unaware that Johnny is lurking only metres away.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 9*

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