The Bay prepares Sally’s farewell

As Miles and the students prepare for Sally’s big farewell concert, Melody is growing to like Geoff even more, and she is convinced that he feels the same way. Even Miles tells them that’s there’s nothing wrong with a Protestant dating a Catholic. But unfortunately it seems that Melody has read the situation all wrong.

Matilda is struggling to keep up a brave face at the thought of Sally’s imminent departure. Meanwhile, Sally is dreading the car trip to Brisbane with a car-sick four-year-old. So she is pleased when Ric comes up with the idea that they both should fly, leaving Cassie with the car and the opportunity to go on a farewell road trip with Matilda.

Guided by her ‘powers’, Floss returns to Summer Bay, sure that something important is about to happen. Sally is thrilled to have her there for such a momentous occasion. As the pair make their way to the school hall for what Sally expects will be a boring series of speeches, they pass by the old Diner and Floss senses Aden trapped inside.

But with Aden close to death, have they got to him in time?

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 12*

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