Kat says she is no longer on Brax’s case, but Andy demands answers. Later, she tells Nate she doesn’t know if she can do her job in a small place like Summer Bay. Elsewhere, some residents hold goodbye drinks for Brax

Hannah and Sean are desperate to get Leah breathing, and eventually find they find a pulse. VJ questions Zach’s ability to go through with his promise when Leah wakes up, pulling the tube from her mouth. Sean confronts Hannah about her feelings, but she says there is nothing left between them. As the pair talk, Andy arrives and she introduces the pair, but doesn’t tell him that Sean is her ex.. 

Maddy and Oscar flirt with one another and, sick of their flirtatious ways, Matt confronts them about their feelings. Now he knows the truth, Matt leaves Maddy and Oscar alone. The exes discuss why their relationship failed last time, but when Oscar kisses Maddy, it appears things are back on.