The Bay says goodbye to Ross

Ross Buckton, Charlie’s father, has passed away and, back in Summer Bay, the community are gathering for his funeral. Each family member is dealing with grief in his or her own way. Charlie seeks comfort with Angelo, but things are tense and it becomes clear they’ve broken up over the last few weeks. Ruby finds solace in the arms of Romeo and Morag is busying herself looking after Alf.

Morag has thrown herself back into family life and is assisting Alf in getting bail. He is still distraught and frightened at being charged with the murder of Penn Graham, and is anxious to be freed from incarceration. Despite opposition from Detective Robertson, Morag successfully argues that Alf be released into her custody. Once free, however, Alf voices his fury about Will, and Morag wonders if letting him out of police custody was such a good idea.

Meanwhile, Liam and Bianca have returned from Europe. It’s been six weeks since they realised they had to be together and fled from Bianca’s wedding. After leaving Vittorio jilted at the altar, Liam and Bianca and are now blissfully living out of a caravan alongside a river, far away from the rest of the world and the prying eyes of those they left behind.

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