Ian is insistent that Cindy needs to leave Walford. Opening the door to Cindy’s Aunt Gina, Jane is shocked that Ian has arranged for her to pick Cindy up so soon. As Gina drives off with Cindy, Ian realises that he’s made a terrible mistake, chasing after the car and asking Cindy to come home. Ian breaks down as Cindy decides it’s best if she leaves after all. 

Alfie and Jane take a distraught Ian back home. Denise watches on, relieved she doesn’t have to deal with him. When Sharon and Phil visit Ian, Sharon doesn’t know how to deal with the state Ian is in, leaving Phil to it. Ian finally allows himself to grieve, sobbing into Phil’s chest. Later, as Ian and Jane comfort each other in their grief, they end up in each other’s arms.

The police interview Lucy’s family and friends in search of any leads into her death. Max nervously eavesdrops when Lauren is questioned. Meanwhile, Nancy is taken aback when Lee tells the police that he was at the housewarming party all night. Is he lying? Alfie hands out black armbands to the Walford traders as a mark of respect.