The Big Bang

Young Amelia Pond receives a leaflet about the Pandorica and goes to look at it in a museum, where it suddenly opens to reveal Amy, her older self, inside.

Back in Roman Britain, Amy is lying lifeless in Rory’s arms when the Doctor appears. He explains he has time travelled from the Pandorica and enlists Rory’s help to get him out of the prison properly. Outside the Pandorica are stone versions or ‘afterimages’ of his enemies such as the Daleks, which are all that is left of the world following the deletion of history. The Doctor places Amy in the Pandorica under Rory’s protection for 2000 years in the hope that it will restore her to life and their plan comes to fruition in the museum.

The Doctor then realises the TARDIS exploded and took the universe with it apart from the atoms left in the Pandorica, which may be able to restore life, as it has already started to resurrect a stone Dalek in the museum. After the Doctor rescues River Song from the TARDIS, they face a race against time to reboot the universe by starting another Big Bang. To do this, the Doctor must travel to the centre of the explosion but as the cracks in the Earth seal up he will be trapped on the other side and will never have existed, but he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and restores the universe.

Amy wakes up on her wedding day and discovers that the power of her memories has brought her parents back to life. At the reception, she realises she could do the same for Doctor and he then arrives in the TARDIS. As he meets up with River he asks if they are married but she says he will find out soon at a time when everything changes. The Doctor goes into the TARDIS and Amy and Rory start their married life by setting off with him on a new adventure.

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