It’s clear to see who rules the roost in the Ayoubi household when dad Mahmoud is joined by daughters Mirna and Lydia in tonight’s cook-off.

Even Nadiya is a little disturbed when Mirna loses it with Lydia as the family, who are originally from Syria, create a Middle-Eastern feast in their home for judges Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager.

And she’s not impressed with her dad either when he creates a smiley face in one of their dishes! Taking them on are the Herberts, who should do well – their family has been running a baking business since the 1920s – but as Giorgio later puts it, they do like to push the boundaries.

So when it’s revealed Marmite will be used in a dish and Rosemary’s not exactly a yeast extract fan, it could prove their undoing…