Matt Damon wakes up aboard a fishing boat with a couple of bullet holes in his back and no memory.

A Swiss bank account leads to the discovery of his many aliases and a probable career as a spy. But the more he finds out about his past, the more dangerous his present becomes…

It’s a steeply dangerous learning curve, as he tries to stay one step ahead of the maverick spymaster (Chris Cooper) who wants him dead.

Vigorous chases, brutal twists and poker-faced confrontations abound as Damon’s resourceful tough guy is tested to the limit in a Europe-trotting battle of wits.

Damon’s born to his tough-guy role, the script is model of succinct tension and helpful Franka Potente, hit man Clive Owen and CIA operative Julia Stiles have crucial supporting roles, too.

Lean, mean and uncompromising, this is a perfect thriller.