The boys ‘accidentally’ kidnap Leon!

Having ‘accidentally’ kidnapped Leon the three lads have a council of war about the situation. Panicking over what to do and turning on each other they confide in Gary. He can’t believe the mess they’ve got themselves into and refuses to get involved. But when Chesney returns from the prison in bits, having seen the state Fiz is in, Gary feels terrible and reluctantly agrees to help. However as they head to the butchers’, where Leon is hidden, they’re horrified to see an estate agent outside.

Max is wary as a nervous Kylie visits him on his birthday. She works hard to win his attention, but back on the street she’s despondent, wondering if Max is actually better off where he is.

When Frank takes Carla house-hunting she finds herself agreeing to put an offer in on a fairytale home. Frank’s in the driving seat, but Carla scared by his speed and begins to have cold feet about the wedding.

Also, Steve’s frantic as he still hasn’t heard from Tracy, and Amy’s now due back in school; Becky is offered a bar manager’s job pending references.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As the estate agent shows his client around the butchers’ Norris comes snooping too. Kirk’s forced to accompany them as the others struggle to keep Leon quiet inside the fridge. But it goes from bad to worse when Gary’s claustrophobia kicks in and Norris claims he can hear voices. Having had enough the client snaps and leaves as Kirk bundles Norris out.

Leaving Leon in the fridge the lads flee, but Kirk hasn’t locked up properly and when a suspicious Norris decides to creep inside it looks like he’s about to get more than he bargained for.

As Carla struggles to echo Frank’s enthusiasm about the house we get a sense she’s developing cold feet. But when Peter points out that her moving on is a good thing and wishes her all the best, she’s stung.

When Kylie asks if she can have the tools of her trade back to set up a mobile nail service, Audrey agrees. Printing posters Kylie sets out to attract business, determined to prove the Platts wrong and provide a stable income for Max.

Also, Becky’s got her new job in the bag, providing Roy tells a few white lies as her referee.