Daniel, Jimmi and Kevin pull up at a roadside cafe en route to In Da Woodz extreme paintball. Inside, a trio of traders, Guy, Pete and Ollie, are having breakfast. As they all leave, Kevin’s car is reversed into by Guy’s 4×4. Guy says Kevin can send him a cheque. Kevin’s outraged but Pete and Ollie claim it was Kevin’s fault – he left his car in gear.

At the paintballing site, Captain Harker is giving them a run down of the game when the enemy players arrive: it’s Guy, Ollie and Pete. Guy offers a wager – whoever loses the game has to pay for both cars and Kevin agrees. As they navigate the course, Daniel reveals that Lisa thinks Zara’s house is too small for Izzie to stay in with the baby on the way.

Meanwhile, when Guy trips and lands on a small boulder, Ollie finds the doctors and asks them to help. Kevin assists a nervous Daniel, who says he never doubted Kevin’s ability – when they return Kevin can tell Julia he’s staying. Jimmi then reveals his house buyer has pulled out and Kevin suggests that Daniel buy Jimmi’s house. Daniel thinks it’s a great idea!

Freya’s delighted to wake up with Bobbie but, later, she’s annoyed when he says he’s going to the pub after she arranged to bring food in for them. Bobbie thinks she’s sounding like a girlfriend and Freya wonders if that would be so bad?

Over breakfast, Marina says she’ll miss Heston when he’s away. During a minor procedure with Freya, Heston says Marina is perfect, apart from having no palate, and Freya says he could educate her. With that, Heston calls Marina and asks her to go to Tuscany with him – she says she’d be delighted!