The boys’ mystery singer is revealed…

Josh puts on the CD of the mystery voice in the SU bar in the hope that the singer may be there but Neville has accidentally recorded over the demo. Rhys is furious and takes his frustrations out on an upset Hayley. Later, Josh and Rhys hear the mystery demo sender singing in Zoe’s room and burst in – to find the singer is Hayley!

Darren rifles through Loretta’s undies and turns up one of her stripping bras. Loretta is horrified and she covers her guilt when Darren questions why she still has it. Later, Loretta feels guilty when Dom promises to help her find a new career. Darren later catches Loretta getting ready for work and she begs him not to tell Dom.

Gov discovers someone has broken into the school gym and he blames a bemused Theresa. A row brews between Gov and Myra over his accusations until Anita admits her guilt. Theresa has a go at Anita for letting her take the rap and Bel worries about Anita’s fragile state and reveals all about the bleach incident. Theresa comforts a humiliated Anita and assures her that she’s beautiful just as she is.

Also, a desperate Zoe steals an old script from Mike.

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