The Branning bros’ relaunch is a disaster

Max and Jack are planning a costly relaunch of the car lot. But Darren has failed to send out the invitations out of spite. Darren starts to panic and he gets Tamwar to help him round up some guests. Max is unimpressed that Darren’s ‘clients’ are locals just after a free drink. Jodie tries to defend Darren, but Max sacks him. Darren blames Jodie for getting him the sack. Jodie storms off and Darren thinks she’s finished with him.

Whitney is hungover after her night out with Janine and she’s late setting up the stall. The market inspector warns Whitney she’ll lose her pitch unless she pays her rent. Whitney fobs him off. The market inspector has had it with her lies and tells her not to come back. Whitney tells an outraged Janine that she’s lost her job. Janine comes up with a plan to get them cash.

Shirley visits Phil in hospital and tells him she won’t marry him. Glenda finds out and she taunts Phil about Shirley turning him down. Phil tells Glenda it’s over between them. Meanwhile, Shirley is thoughtful after a comment by Denise and she returns to the hospital. Shirley questions Phil’s motives and he insists he was sincere. Phil gets out of the hospital bed and down on one knee to propose and Shirley finally accepts.

Also, Michael Moon returns to the Square.