Tanya and Max prepare for the family Christmas lunch, while Bradley shows a delighted Stacey her Christmas present – a rented flat for them to start their married life. Max dons a Santa outfit to hand out the presents and Lauren goes cold when he gives Bradley the DVD! The family settle down to watch the wedding footage and a horrified silence descends as they all see the footage of Max and Stacey kissing…

Ian panics when he wakes on Christmas Day and remembers that Steven is coming for dinner and he attempts to put him off, but Steven is already on his way. Jane is furious when Steven arrives but after some pleading with Ian she agrees to let him stay for one hour. Steven is delighted to be with the family but Jane is watching the clock and as soon as his hour is up she throws him out.

Jack is having a big effect on two of the Mitchells on Christmas Day when gives Phil a photograph of Phil’s daughter Louise. Phil is choked. Meanwhile, Jack flirts with Ronnie and they share a passionate kiss under the mistletoe but Ronnie leaves Jack wanting more.

Also, Shirley cooks Christmas dinner but Vinnie is a no show.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Max pleads with the family that his kiss with Stacey is not as it seems. Tanya is in shock, while a devastated Bradley stumbles into the garden and is violently sick. Jack takes Bradley to the Vic to calm him down and a furious Tanya rails at Lauren for giving Bradley the DVD as a present. Lauren breaks down and tells her mum that she didn’t know what else to do.

Tanya finishes watching the DVD alone and she forces herself to listen to Max telling Stacey that he’ll always love her. Sean reappears and offers his support. Tanya leans in and passionately kisses Sean but he plays the gentleman for once and tells her it’s not a good idea. Tanya considers downing some tranquillisers but has second thoughts after seeing her girls.

Jack takes a distraught Max aside and tells him that although there is no love lost between them, he is his brother and he will support him. Max confronts Bradley and desperately tries to explain his actions but Bradley is still sick to his stomach and tells his dad to leave. Max returns home to find Tanya packing and he tries to stop her but Tanya trips and plummets down the stairs…

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