Ricky finally tells Heath that she’s pregnant and that Brax doesn’t know. Heath tells her that all the Braxton boys will help her out. Bianca arrives home and sees that Ricky is unwell and realises Ricky is pregnant. As Casey, Heath and Bianca start discussing what’s best for her and Brax, Ricky snaps at them all. Later, Bianca tells Ricky that she should ignore the boys and decide what’s best for her.

Ms Montgomery hasn’t shown up for work and Leah admits to Bianca that she told Montgomery off for abusing Josh. Bianca asks her to make a written statement because she wants to make a formal complaint to the department. Later, Leah starts getting prank calls and suspects Montgomery is behind it.

When Chris asks Casey for a job, Casey says Spencer wants less shifts and Chris will take them off his hands. Chris decides to go to Heath, who agrees to give him a job. Chris tells Spencer he got a job, and that Spencer isn’t needed at the gym anymore.

Spencer and Sasha go to Casey, who doesn’t want to overrule Heath’s decision. When Spencer goes to yell at Chris for shafting him out of his job, Irene tells Spencer he can have his job back and Chris can work at the Diner.