Leah asks Zac not to illegally rescue the twins, but Zac won’t listen. Arriving at the lodge, Zac distracts Ethan while Kyle, Heath and Brax rescue Oscar and an unwilling Evelyn. When confronted by Ethan and the cult leader Murray, Zac and Brax have to fight their way out. Later, the cops arrive at Leah’s and she lies, saying she knows nothing. Meanwhile, the Braxton’s deliver the twins and Zac to a motel but Oscar’s badly hurt from his beating from Ethan.

Chris decides it’s time to charm Irene into letting Indi come around. However, in trying to suck up to Irene, Chris ends up enjoying his time with her. Indi’s annoyed that Chris has forgotten the reason he was spending time with her in the first place. Fed up with Chris’s attention, Irene tells him he doesn’t need to win her over – she likes him already. Irene also invites Indi over so she and Chris can spend quality time together – and give Irene some space!

Josh and Maddy’s date is cut short when Josh is approached by a police officer and taken in for questioning. Maddy’s incensed and asks Roo why she called the cops on Josh. Roo protests that she didn’t, when Alf reveals he called the cops, and he’s proud of it.