Connie accuses Heath of encouraging Darcy to run away. Heath defends himself and is helped by a furious Ricky who blasts Connie for separating Heath from his daughter. Connie, Heath, Darcy and Harley spend some final moments together and Connie realises that Darcy should live with her father and brother.

Casey is struggling to come to terms with Heath’s departure and Phoebe’s flippant attitude to Heath leaving angers Kyle. When Casey sees his brother packing, he finally admits to Brax that he will miss Heath. Then, Cheryl turns up to criticise Heath for leaving.

The brothers decide to have one last surfing session together, but Kyle decides not to go. Phoebe tells encourages Kyle to change his mind, but Cheryl tells him to stay at home. Afterwards, Cheryl succumbs to the wrath of Phoebe for putting Kyle down. The brothers bond while surfing, reflecting about what is next for them.

Packed and ready to go, Heath gets one final surprise when Bianca turns up in a taxi so they can all drive to the city as a family. Late at night, Ricky finds Brax in the flat alone, where he tells her, she should move in the hope of starting a family together.