Paige and Brennan are all loved up and Paige encourages him to get in touch with his father again. Brennan’s phone call to his dad makes Paige proud…and has the side effect of bringing his father, Russell, to Ramsay Street. It seems, however, that Tyler is less than thrilled to see their old man.

When Tyler and Ben return from an enjoyable motorbike ride, they are set upon by Susan and Tyler is forced to cover for him and take the blame. Feeling like his time is up at the Kennedy house, Tyler decides to leave – which infuriates Ben. Tyler returns to his brother’s house, hopeful of a place to stay…but the sight of Paige coming out of Brennan’s bedroom leaves him in all sorts of pain. 

Amy is chuffed when Kyle offers her a full-time job, but Sonya finds it hard to be enthused about the extra bodies in the house. Amy sets about making herself useful, but her attempt to impress goes awry when she inadvertently ‘tidies’ Nell’s favourite toy into the recycling bin. But Kyle soon comes to the rescue.