As much as we’re enjoying this fourth season of The Bridge, we can’t help but feel a bit sad each week as it ticks down towards its 
last ever episode…

Tonight’s instalment marks the final season’s halfway point, and there’s a shocking twist to Taariq’s story.

Meanwhile, terrifying gangster William must act fast in order to prevent a tragedy in his personal life, the creepy village gets even more disturbing and Saga (Sofia Helin) makes 
a breakthrough in more ways than one.

And for the troubled Henrik (below with Saga), there’s a heartbreaking development that threatens to send him down a dark path.

The Bridge - Saga and Henrik

Can he 
be brought back from the brink? An emotional, tense and thrilling episode that proves why The Bridge is a true standout in the Scandi-noir genre.

TV Times rating: *****