Casey is shocked to learn Brax broke up with Ricky. Meanwhile, Ricky seeks out Nate. He promises to help, but when Ricky muses about moving out of the Braxton household, he reveals he’s about to leave. When Kyle, Casey and Heath confront Brax about dumping Ricky, Brax reveals that he’s getting transferred and he’s not going to tell any of them which prison he’s being transferred to. They all need to move on. When Kyle, Heath and Casey return home to find Ricky moving out, they convince her to stay.

John’s worried that having Jett at a concert could land him in hot water with DoCS if he lets Jett go unaccompanied to the festival. Marilyn suggests John offer the bus to courier people to and from the festival.

But John can’t ignore his early misgivings when he and Tamara run into a girl dancing to loud music by the beach. Later, Kyle and Tamara run into a beautiful stranger, and it turns out she’s a flame from Kyle’s past named Phoebe.

When Irene overhears Nate’s plans to move back to the city, she asks him to stay. Combined with his growing friendship with Ricky, this convinces Nate to give in – asking Irene if she can point him in the direction of some more permanent accommodation.