Ian, Billy and Phil head off on their camping trip with kids Peter and Ben, but there’s a frosty atmosphere. The trip is a disaster from the start as Ian’s newly washed tent has shrunk in the tumble dryer and Phil burns their dinner and half the camping equipment. The families decide to give up the trip as a bad lot and head for home in the car. But as Phil and Ian start to argue, the car careers out of control…

Max encourages Stacey to spend some time with his daughters and he asks her to babysit. Stacey finds herself bonding with Abi, who asks her about her late dad. But she’s left thoughtful when Abi insists that she’d be heartbroken if she ever lost her own father.

Libby reveals to Yolande that her internet pal turned out to be Darren! Yolande is pleased that it wasn’t some scary stalker and thinks that the teenagers internet romance is sweet. Yolande decides to matchmake the pair and sets up a dinner date for them but she’s worried when Patrick points out that it’s dangerous leaving two teenagers alone together!

Also, Bradley asks Stacey about her mystery man.

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