The Campus is overrun with Quack patients!

Al’s hopes for a quiet time at Campus are shattered by the arrival of Oscar and Mark, two students who need travel vaccinations. Al’s suspicions that they have taken something is confirmed when he discovers Mark acting oddly in reception. Mark starts to have breathing problems and palpitations forcing Oscar to admit they have taken Quack. When another student arrives with similar symptoms, Karen phones The Mill for back up.

Kevin, Heston and Liam arrive at Campus and Al fills them in, but Liam denies any knowledge of Quack. When Al sends Mark and Oscar away without their vaccinations, Liam follows them out and questions them about the effects of Quack they have experienced. As Kevin, Al, Heston brainstorm ideas to warn the students of the dangers of Quack, Karen suggests using Chris’s radio show to spread the word.

Later, Liam arrives home and proudly shows Finn the questionnaire he has compiled to chart the effects of Quack. Edward Holmes arrives still high from the night before and asks for more Quack as he has parental stress to deal with. An excited Liam gets him to fill out the questionnaire in exchange for a discount price for the pills.

Also, Howard keeps trying to avoid Emma, while Mrs Tembe takes solace in a childhood treasure – but it leads her to someone who needs it more than she does…