*Second episode*

As Laurel confronts her carjacker, he’s totally thrown. When he works out who she is, he apologises but it doesn’t wash with Laurel, who wants payback. The mum is determined to make him feel as scared and as terrible as she did when he made off with her car, almost taking baby Oscar with him, but her plucky façade soon starts to slip. Seizing his chance, Ross pounces and menacingly turns the tables on terrified Laurel. Meanwhile, Cain and Marlon have got Ross’s address and race to his flat to save her.

Heartbreak hits Paddy as he tells his wife their marriage is over. He reels as she claims a trip away won’t fix anything.  But really, she just wants to stay in the village to be near her drug supply. Smitten Vanessa’s left with a choice to make as she overhears the couple’s exchange and realises Rhona has chosen her over Paddy.

Going against Pollard’s wishes, Val has a chat with Amy and breaks the tragic news about Kyle’s parents. As it dawns on the teen mum that her young son is an orphan again, her worries start to mount.