The Carters’ first day in the Vic is a disaster

Mick’s wife Linda wakes to discover, much to her horror, that Mick has agreed to let his sisters Shirley and Tina move in. After Alfie and Kat’s cheap bar on Christmas Day, the Carters soon discover they’ve been left with barely any stock. When Alfie refuses to help Mick, Shirley tries flirting with Phil, who responds to her. A guilty Alfie helps Mick after all, soon bonding with him. Linda’s heart swells with pride as they open The Vic. Meanwhile, Phil is in bed with a former lover… but it’s Sharon, not Shirley!

Peter is missing Lola, and is reminded of it when Danny gives Lucy a belated Christmas present. Finding Cindy’s stash of money, the penny drops and Peter realises she stole Phil’s money from the camping trip. Sure that if he returns the money Phil will give him and Lola his blessing, he confides in Ian. Peter is glum when Ian insists Peter doesn’t say anything.

Ronnie is furious to discover that Roxy lied to her about going shopping and instead went to see Carl. Worried that things are moving too fast between Roxy and Carl, Ronnie reveals that she has booked them tickets for Ibiza.