The Carters take over the Vic

Alfie is hoping the Vic sale has fallen through after the Christmas Day dramas, but Phil wants them out by midday. Meanwhile, hungover Shirley cheers up when she receives a mysterious phone call. Phil bursts into the Vic to tell everyone to leave. When Shirley won’t budge, Phil’s stunned as Mick and family arrive and he discovers that Mick is Shirley’s brother!

Max worries that Lauren has got herself in trouble when Joey warns him to keep an eye on Jake. Following Lauren, Max is horrified to find her and Jake snogging! Max warns Jake that he’ll make sure he loses everything if he doesn’t break it off with Lauren immediately, leaving Lauren heartbroken. When Joey finds out that Alice is staying in prison, he asks Lauren to leave Albert Square with him. At the tube station, it’s clear Lauren has only come to say goodbye as Joey leaves for good.

Ian attempts to get Peter to finish with Lola after a threat from Phil. When Peter refuses, demanding to know why he’s against him being with Lola, Ian lets slip that it was Phil’s idea. Worried about Ian’s state of mind, Peter has a difficult decision to make.

Also, Bianca refuses to make up with Terry.