The Carters track down Babe

Tina, Mick and Shirley force their way into Babe’s caravan when she’s nowhere to be found, desperate to find Stan’s ashes. Just as Tina and Shirley find a suspicious photo album, a fuming Babe turns up, denying she has the ashes. After a heart-to-heart with Babe, Shirley finds the ashes. Begging her family to let her come home, Babe insists she needs to tell them what happened to Mick as a baby. When Babe mentions Queenie Trott, Shirley puts two-and-two together, confronting Babe about her secret.

Carmel and Masood cool down after their argument over Carmel asking Kush to move back to Essex with her. Realising they need to work together to reunite Kush and Shabnam, they bring the couple back together. Returning from their son’s funeral, Kush and Shabnam agree to stay in Walford, while Carmel says her goodbyes as she returns to Essex.

Lee meets up with Sergeant Major Wallace, who suggests Lee should see a counsellor. When Lee says he can’t meet up with his CO that afternoon, he’s given a reality check. Later, Lee asks Linda to give an out-of-work Whitney some shifts at the Vic.

Also, Vincent makes a confession to Denise about his childhood.