The case of the renegade cop

Sergeant Callum Stone is struggling with the death of his estranged father, a former police officer. In his mind he has buried a rapist and he’s determined to prove that to his disbelieving mother.

At Sun Hill, Pcs Kirsty Knight and Benjamin Gayle are trying to discover why Claire Iqbal wouldn’t report an attack on her son by a knifeman as she walked the boy to school. They discover she’s reported incidents of domestic violence before, but not followed through and Callum tells Kirsty she’s wasting her time. Kirsty’s furious with Callum’s attitude towards a woman who needs their help and, stung by her words, he sets out to investigate the accusation of rape against his father, determined to prove he was guilty.

Callum tracks down his father’s accuser, former cop Kelly Ryan (Lesley Vickerage – The Inspector Lynley Mysteries), but he doesn’t get the response he wants: she tells him she wasn’t raped, it was a drunken one-night stand. Has Callum hated his father for 20 years because of a lie? With this thought torturing him, Callum is determined to get justice for Claire when she reveals she’s being blackmailed by Jamal Carr, who’s threatening to tell her violent ex where she’s living. But will Callum bend the law until it breaks? Smithy’s worried he will.