Guns, gangs and murder keep Sun Hill’s finest busy in part one of the gripping two-part episode that will end the crime drama’s 27-year run…

Inspector Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith is called out to the Parkway Estate, where 14-year-old Liam Martin has been stabbed and dies in Smithy’s arms. The murder investigation leads the officers first to Liam’s mum, who tells them Liam was part of a gang. In fact, he was running drugs for the Parkway Gang.

Evidence takes the officers to Jasmine Harris, once an informant for DC Mickey Webb, but no longer police-friendly. She’s the last person Liam called and she’s arrested when she refuses to talk. Liam’s phone does a lot of talking, though, and reveals that Jasmine lured Liam to his death.

Finally, Jasmine admits she was forced to make the call by Carlos Miller, a member of the Parkway Gang. It seems Carlos felt the boy had ‘disrespected’ him. Carlos is arrested and Smithy releases Jasmine.

Mickey is furious that Jasmine has not been offered protection. Who knows what the Parkway Gang will do to her for talking to the police! But the officers soon find out just how brutal the gang is when Jasmine is gang-raped. What has Smithy done? And is there no stopping this vicious gang?