The Chase

Gaby’s over the moon when her daughter Celia gets chickenpox. It’s because Gaby didn’t have the illness as a child so isn’t immune and it means she’s decamping to Bob and Lee’s house for one long weekend of partying with her gay pals. But after finding out that Bob and Lee are trying to adopt and have even decorated a nursery, she realises how lucky she is to have such a good family life.

There’s a spot of bother over at the Scavo house. Penny’s furious when her mum Lynette forgets her birthday and then gives her a cake for ‘Polly’. The little girl runs away in disgust. Lynette eventually finds her at a motel and the pair decide to have a girlie night there together and discuss Penny’s fears about the new baby.

Andrew doesn’t like Sam moving in on his mum’s catering business, but Sam astutely observes that Andrew is having an affair with the new, but useless, employee Tad, and tells Bree about it. But it’s clear that Sam is jealous of Andrew and wants Bree to get rid of her from the business altogether.

Meanwhile, Angie is livid when she finds out Danny didn’t go camping but followed Ana to New York. She panics that her mysterious nemesis Patrick will catch up with her son there. Meanwhile, after Katherine tells her shrink she’s having feelings for Robin, she finally sleeps with the former stripper…

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