The Christmas tree competition heats up!

Imogen flounces off to college, annoyed that her parents have forgotten her art exhibition. A stressed Karen eventually remembers that it’s the art exhibition and Heston’s vanity is tickled when she asks him along with family Hollins to view the exhibition and show their support to Immie. But they are in for a shock when they discover what her project is…

Ruth is worried that Michelle’s garish Christmas tree decorations won’t be enough to win the Christmas tree competition against Heston. Michelle is oblivious until she sees a picture of Heston’s tree and decides to tear the decorations down and start again. The renewed effort is more encouraging but she decides she needs a secret weapon to help her win.

Also, Jimmi returns from his course and is surprised to learn that one of his fans rang in and knew that he was on a course. Ruth allays his fears and just puts it down to a sweet fan.