The con is on!

Debbie, Lexi and Chas prepare for their jewellery heist and as the collection is unveiled, the girls clock a necklace to steal. Debbie distracts Bruce, while Lexi causes a blackout and Chas diverts Rodney by spilling champagne all over him. Debbie seizes her chance and takes the necklace. Rodney, who is in charge of the event, is horrified to discover that the necklace is missing.

Kelly is at an all-time low and she turns up at the jewellery party drunk and has an altercation with the door staff. Kelly then goes on to embarrass herself while Bruce is trying to do his sales pitch. A humiliated Kelly skulks off and hits the bottle with Eli. Full of self-loathing, she kisses Eli but she pulls away as a camera flashes from the shadows. Jimmy is concerned by Kelly’s mood swings.

Jonny tries on rings for fun at the jewellery sale but he makes a sudden decision and buys one. Jonny takes Paul into the grounds of Home Farm and he gets down on one knee and proposes! Jonny waits nervously for Paul’s reply and, desperate to quash his growing feelings for Gray, Paul accepts. Jonny is delighted, but Paul secretly wonders what he’s got himself into.