The con is still on

Under pressure to raise more money so work on the charitable housing project can progress, Harry sells 5% of his shareholding in Selfridges – meaning he no longer holds the majority stake.
Nancy, wrestling with her conscience and growing feelings for Harry, suggests to her brother Gus that they take the money and run now. But he won’t hear of it – he’s certain they can quadruple their money and accuses her of losing her nerve. She accepts the challenge – they’ll continue with the con.
Meanwhile, Victor is desperate to reopen Colleano’s after the raid and is backed into accepting help from gangland boss Michael Regan. He’ll give Victor protection from Purkiss in exchange for some gambling on the side and a dedicated roulette table in the club – from which he’ll take a cut.
Violette, who’s been grounded by Harry following the raid, sneaks out to see Victor and they take their relationship to the next level.  
Elswhere, Gordon appoints Monsieur Longchamp – formerly Madame Lavin’s Creative Director – as the store’s new Head of Display and unwittingly commissions him to design a rather racy window display!