While Carla and Liam wait all night at the hospital hoping that Paul will pull through, Michelle is reluctant to see him. Steve convinces Michelle to go to the hospital but she’s devastated when Paul dies just before they arrive. Leanne later bumps into Liam and tries to explain her part in the previous day’s events, but Liam coldly tells his girlfriend that he wants nothing more to do with her.

David continues to skip his exams, but when he puts a bet on with Amber that he’ll do better than her in their Biology GCSE, he finally makes an effort to turn up. David boasts to Gail that the exam was easy but his pride is wounded when she refuses to believe him. Gail is exasperated when David tells her that if that’s the way she feels, he refuses to do any more exams.

Denise asks Ken what he’s planning to do with his living situation but he admits he’s at a loss. Denise tells Ken that he can stay on her sofa for as long as it takes, much to Daniel’s dismay.

Also, Mel worries about the Morton’s dodgy past.