The consultant has grave news about Hope

At the hospital, the consultant tells Fiz and Tyrone that Hope’s cancer hasn’t spread. She needs chemo, but has an 80 per cent chance of recovery. Back at home Maria calls round with some toys and Mary drops in with a lasagne. Tyrone and Fiz are moved by their show of support.

Kylie announces to Jason, Gary and Tony that she’s going to spend the day helping them finishing the building work. In the Rovers, Todd and Tony wonder whether Sarah’s seen Callum and David steps in, telling them that nobody’s seen him. Back at home, Kylie stares at the concrete floor covering the body and breaks down in David’s arms, lamenting that they’ll never be free of Callum as he’ll be in their house for ever.

Amy tells Robert she’s prepared to learn the violin to keep Grandad happy, but winds Ken and Tracy up by pretending she wants to learn the drums.

When Jamie reminds Luke it’s their big race day tomorrow, Luke tells him to pipe down as he doesn’t want Maria to find out that he’s racing.