The cops have bad news for Lisa

Zak’s lost and alone on the moors – and that’s exactly where his family might leave him when they hear the truth! Zak took a turn for the worse after Sam told him Belle had heard he had cancer. Distressed and confused, Zak calls for Belle, but there’s no one to hear him. Belle – and Lisa and Debbie and Chas – are listening to the police. After Zak’s outburst at Belle’s school they’ve been in touch with the hospital and are a bit confused themselves – because the hospital says Zak doesn’t have cancer. What??? If Zak knows what’s good for him, he will stay lost on the moors.

Nicola has lost Elliot and needs to find him – fast. To be fair, Nicola was at work when Jimmy dropped off his son and it was meddlesome Megan who told Jimmy it was OK to leave him there. It wasn’t what Nicola wanted at all. But Nicola’s sick with worry when the little boy disappears. It’s Megan who finds him, upset and missing his mum, and she starts to think about how she lost her son – and how she might want him back.

Alicia’s determined not to lose David. So when she hears he’s having a night out with Rachel she decides to join them – whether or not they want a threesome!