The cops quiz Toadie

Determined to clear his name, Toadie discovers that one of the forged emails used by Peter to frame him was sent while he was in a meeting with Paul. Left with little choice, Toadie asks for Paul’s help and when Peter’s called in for questioning it appears to have been a wise move.

However, Toadie’s taken aback when he learns Peter’s now claiming he knew what Toadie was up to but didn’t stop him. Toadie vehemently denies any such thing but when Superintendent Hayes discovers evidence linking Toadie to Chris’s bashing in his car, Toadie realises he’s been well and truly set-up.

Resentful of Susan calling an end to their marriage, Karl fights for Summer to stay with him when Susan assumes she’ll move out with her. Karl insists he’s only thinking of Summer’s wellbeing but Susan can see through this, knowing it’s about them. Eventually they leave the choice up to Summer but, now settled with Karl, Summer chooses to stay at the Kennedy House. Susan’s privately disappointed but, despite this win, Karl feels no better.

On painkillers, recovering Chris surprises and entertains Andrew and Summer with his uncontrollable honesty. However things take a turn for the worse when Chris innocently confesses he was responsible for Andrew’s embarrassing tattoo.