The crash team arrives as Tina flatlines (VIDEO)

At the hospital the consultant tells a relieved Rita that Tina’s operation went well, but she remains in a critical state. Michelle persuades Rob to go to the hospital to get the lowdown on Tina as Carla isn’t allowed. But as Rob nervously waits for news, suddenly the crash team arrives as Tina flatlines.

The police turn their attention to Steve and question him. When he reveals he’d known about Peter and Tina’s affair for a while, the police are intrigued.

Sally decides to surprise Tim by cooking him a romantic meal, but is left feeling second best when he forgets and decides to have tea with Faye at No 6.

Also, Steph surveys the trashed flat and notices a bracelet is missing; Rob tells Tony he doesn’t want anything more to do with his stolen goods; and Nick demands Leanne’s key to the bistro telling her he intends to start divorce proceedings.