The crash team work flat out but Tina eventually loses her fight and passes away. As the consultant breaks the news that Tina has died, a devastated David breaks down in Rita’s arms and Rob leaves the hospital numb with shock. As news spreads in the Rovers, the news of Tina’s death shocks the Street. Carla points her finger at Peter, accusing him of killing Tina. Handing him a bottle of vodka, she suggests he drinks himself to death. He decides to take her advice as he goes off into the night a broken man.

Steve admits his guilty secret to Liz when he tells her he already knew about Tina and Peter’s affair. Both feel guilty, knowing if they’d tried to put a stop to it then Tina might still be alive.

Tim realises the effort Sally went to and agrees to up his game and put more effort into their relationship. But Sally still isn’t happy and the pair argue again.

Also, Dennis comforts Rita and holds her as she cries.