The Crystal Maze

Start the fans, please! Action-packed game show, The Crystal Maze, is back!

Start the fans, please! The action-packed game show is back!

After a brief run of celebrity specials, suitably deadpan Maze Master Richard Ayoade returns to lead enthusiastic civilians around the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones in search of the elusive crystals that will earn them precious seconds in the Crystal Dome.

First up it’s the Watson family from Perth, who gamely don their stylish boiler suits and hit the ground running with a series of impressive wins – until things threaten to fall apart thanks to some proper head-scratchers…

Will all the Watsons make it to the Dome?! Sit back and enjoy this good-natured return of a Nineties classic (and look out for comedian and actor Adam Buxton as disembodied riddle-spouter Jarhead)!