A dog that has been brutally killed and a missing couple lead the Sun Hill mob to a case full of twists and turns…

Pcs Leon Taylor and Kirsty Knight respond when a neighbour reports not seeing Fiona and Howard Walsh for days. Inside the couple’s home their dog lies dead. Their car is missing and their mobile phones are as dead as their dog. Crime Scene Examiner Eddie Olosunje discovers that the house alarm has been disabled and the safe has been opened. Perhaps their son, Rory, can help.

Rory says his mum and dad are on holiday in Italy. But then their car is found burned out and officers discover the couple didn’t catch their flight. Further investigation reveals Rory to be a bit of a drug-dealing scumbag who was jailed after his own father reported him. Realising the cops don’t see him as a loving son, Rory admits that he took money from his parents’ safe. But he swears he doesn’t know where they are.

Well, someone is withdrawing money regularly in London’s Piccadilly Circus from the Walsh’s bank account and the officers discover it’s Howard, who nervously insists he doesn’t need their help. But when the police fit all the pieces together it’s clear that Howard needs a lot of help.