The Day Of The Doctor

This Saturday it’s exactly 50 years since classic sci-fi series Doctor Who began in 1963, and the BBC is celebrating with its most adventurous one-off episode, The Day of The Doctor. And what unravels in the 75-minute special turns out to be the most important thing that has ever happened to the Time Lord…

Current Doctor Matt Smith will be joined by David Tennant and John Hurt, who previously have both played the Doctor – David’s Doctor flew the TARDIS from 2005 to 2009, while John’s Doctor made a shock appearance in the last series finale and a recent iPlayer episode shows this Doctor is regenerated from Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor.

The big adventure takes the Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) to Elizabethan England in 1562 where they investigate some murderous goings-on. Plus there’s a mad dash around present day London, where the excitement will take place around big landmarks like Nelson’s Column, The Tower of London and The National Gallery. Something will fly the TARDIS into Trafalgar Square, and it leaves there with the Doctor hanging from the bottom of it!

The Doctor faces plenty of familiar enemies, too, including a shape-shifting Zygon – first seen in a 1975 adventure – plus his all-time greatest foe, the Daleks, whose battle fleet are fighting an ancient war in outer space. You’ll also see the Doctor’s home planet Gallifrey.

Another favourite making her return is Billie Piper, as the Doctor’s former companion Rose Tyler, who’d been trapped in alternative universe since 2006. Look out, too, for Gavin & Stacey’s Joanna Page as a young Queen Elizabeth 1, and Jemma Redgrave returning as UNIT’s Kate Stewart.