The day of Tom’s funeral

It’s the day of Tom’s funeral and a watchful Barraclough turns up with Dasari to observe the reactions of the mourners, hoping for a clue to Tom’s murderer. Meanwhile, widow Rosemary is left to grieve alone when Jimmy, Matthew and Carl deliberately exclude her.

The brothers are surprised when an unexpected mourner arrives – their late mother Mary’s former nurse, Carrie Nicholls (Linda Lusardi). They’re touched by her concern but wonder if there’s another reason for her surprise appearance.

Bob is relieved that Tom is finally being buried and sees it as an opportunity to draw a line under Dawn’s death. Viv, meanwhile, is still smarting from Bob’s decision to go out on the road with Naughty Nylons and there is a strained atmosphere in the Hope house. Viv is further angered when she discovers that Bob is off on a two-week training course with Eddie, and she’ll be left to cope alone with the twins.

Tom’s funeral produces mixed reactions in the village as the late businessman made more enemies than friends. Terry, Jack, Jamie and Bob gather in the Woolpack to drink a toast to their nemesis’ death.