Roman and Colleen worry about The Diner being short-staffed when Gavin from The Coastal News turns up for a review. Concerned that Gavin will give them a bad write-up after his confrontation with Leah, Colleen gets so flustered, she ends up ignoring all the other customers. Gavin is so irritated by her behaviour, that he leaves before beginning his meal.

Gavin then arrives at The Den, explaining to Leah his boss wanted him to apologise in person. But Leah’s good mood soon fades when they learn it was Morag doing the review all along. However, despite having been ignored all night by Colleen, the food was good, and Morag assures everyone she will give The Diner a positive review.

Ric and Matilda head out to a secluded beach for a romantic picnic where they bump into Morag and Ross. They try to get more time alone together at home but are interrupted by Alf and Miles. Trying their luck at The Diner, they end up having to share a table with Ross and Morag due to overcrowding.

Also, after receiving mysterious phone calls all day, Ross tells the caller to stop phoning, before assuring them he still loves them. Should Morag be worried?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 11*