The Dingles plan a heist

Lisa is determined to get the supervisor’s job over Lexi and Zak promises to help her. Zak and Eli devise a scam to make Lisa look like the best worker and they rope Shadrach, Chas and Sam into helping. The Dingles head over to a stately home that Pollard has already furnished with curtains and blag their way inside. Zak, Eli and Shadrach steal the curtains and bring them back to Lisa to boost her productivity quota.

Bob is dealt another blow when he receives a large bill from his solicitors and he confesses to Terry that he will struggle to find the funds. Terry suggests that Bob and the twins move in with him and TJ so they can share the childcare, while Brenda agrees to rent Bob’s flat and Bob finally begins to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Katie tells Matthew that she’s worried that the stables won’t survive her blackened name. Matthew shows Anna round the stables and tells Katie he’s found a potential buyer. Katie is furious that she’s so disposable and storms off, while Anna accuses Matthew of having a hidden agenda with Katie. Matthew denies Anna’s accusation but he’s clearly up to something.

Also, Lexi blackmails Gennie to help her out.