The DNA results arrive!

David arrives at Pollard’s office to find him staring at the unopened DNA results and Val implores them to open the results together. Pollard is starting to run out of excuses and an impatient Val opens the package herself. Pollard is stunned when the results turn out to be positive and he realises that the original test was a dud.

The news gives Pollard food for thought and he’s genuine when he tells David he’s looking forward to a new beginning, as Pollard and Son.

Viv warns Jamie that she’ll never forgive him if Bob gets sent down while he’s still walking free. Barraclough has words with Bob and reveals that his ‘confession’ is full of holes. Bob tries in vain to convince her of his guilt, but to no avail and he’s released. Jamie is shocked when Bob confirms that he really did think Jamie was Tom’s murderer.

Jo is shocked when her estranged mum, Jackie, turns up in the village and they give each other an uncomfortable hug. Jackie admits that Katie invited her to the village in advance of Jo’s birthday and she apologises for not making it for Christmas. Katie is puzzled and demands to know why Andy spent that time alone with Jo.

Also, Vaughan’s feelings for Rosemary are growing.