The Doc’s making plans to cut and run!

If only Dr Martin Ellingham could prescribe himself something that would cure him of his recurring bouts of foot-in-mouth… In his typical blundering style, he upsets Louisa, the school governors and an elderly couple in this entertaining episode.

Following the departure of the disturbed headmaster, Louisa is keen to be rehired as head teacher. As a school governor, the Doc is asked to sit on the interview panel but his strong feelings about Louisa’s unsuitability for the job get him excluded from the process. She’s not going to be happy when she hears what he’s said about her… When she goes to confront him, though, he’s with Edith. She’s helping the Doc prepare for his own interview – for a surgeon’s job in London!

Pauline’s not happy with Louisa, either. Rumours of her Al being seen semi-naked in Louisa’s house have made her might suspicious. They’re not, are they?

Meanwhile, the Doc still has Portwenn patients to tend to, including an elderly couple who want a disabled person’s parking permit so they can park close to the shops. Do they qualify for one? Well, there’s certainly something wrong with them – and Pc Penhale is nearly hurt because of it! The Doc’s aunt is in need of his help, too, but her problems aren’t medical, they’re financial. Can he really leave all this for London?

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