The doctor tells Hayley that her test results show some abnormal liver function and he’d like to send her for some more tests. Hayley’s concerned but back at home she covers, assuring Roy that her results were fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

Carla berates Peter for gambling away their joint business with his crazy offers. Peter’s defensive and moans to Deirdre about Carla sticking her oar in when she doesn’t know the first thing about his business. Unable to face Carla, Peter asks Deirdre if he can stay the night at No 1 He later admits that his business is on the rocks.

As Paul and Lloyd’s feud escalates, Sophie suggests to Eileen that as long as she sticks up for Paul that makes her as bad as him. Eileen’s incensed and when Lloyd and Paul stare each other out in the pub, she makes it clear she’s had enough.

Also, Norris becomes the new owner of No 3; Rob tells Tracy the car was a repossession and he’s sold it for £8000 having lied to his company that it’s been stolen. Tracy’s impressed and resolves to match the eight thousand so they can set up their cash converter business.