Doctor Martin Ellingham’s surgery in pretty Portwenn is open again. But there’s no lovely Louisa turning up with weak excuses to see the Doc so she can flirt with him and steal kisses in the kitchen. Having made the joint decision not to go ahead with their wedding at the end of the last series, Louisa has moved away and the Doc is wondering why he hasn’t.

He wants back his career as a top-flight surgeon but, to get it, he has to overcome his blood phobia… And on a visit to the local hospital he bumps into just the woman to help him. She’s Edith Montgomery, a successful consultant – and Martin’s lover during their time at university. Surprised by how far Martin has fallen, Edith is determined to help him climb back up the surgical ladder.

Also looking to be helpful is Al… His girlfriend Pauline is crazier than ever thanks to her lack of sleep caused by brother Adam’s snoring. Al takes the opportunity to ask her to move in with him. But what will his dad Bert have to say – especially when he’s feeling a bit left out of the love game?

A kind of hush falls over the village when a familiar face returns. Yes, Louisa is back and Martin is stunned. But she’s not back for him. She has her own reasons for returning and she soon makes them very clear…